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Concord Mariner 200

A salute to the restless spirit of the sea

Concord Mariner 200 in black PVD stainless steel makes a stunning and powerful impact.

The Mariner 200 from Concord, a nautically-inspired watch that proudly bears all the elegance and savoir faire of the signature Mariner Collection, now comes with in a powerful new avatar, making a stunning and impactful statement with its black PVD-coated stainless steel finish.

The new watch stays true to its marine heritage and the Mariner DNA courses through all its facets. The all-black look strikes a powerful and rugged note that also represents the restless and unfettered spirit of the ocean. This is a watch made for the man with a mind of his own and a yen for adventure. Whether on the waves or on dry land, this is a watch that is at home on both.

The smoothly-angled design style makes the Mariner 200 a watch for all occasions, one that fits effortlessly into a modern gentleman's many-faceted lifestyle. The watch, with its understated elegance, sits easily on the wrist in formal settings as well as on the more typical outdoor and sporty occasions, such is the adaptability and functionality of its look.

Water resistant to 200 meters, the Mariner 200 comes with its uniquely designed protected crown. The octagonal case design melds well into the integrated stainless steel bracelet which is beautifully worked and enhances the overall smoothly designed look of the watch. The AR coating makes the crystal dial easy to read and the display is bold and eye-catching even in low light conditions. The smoothly turning bezel finishes the overall classic diver's look of this latest offering from the Concord brand.