CONCORD Mariner Lady

The new Mariner Lady Diamond collection, bringing a touch of luminous A-list glamour to the wearer every day.



The new Mariner Collection – a bold embodiment of the values surrounding life in the marina – today a unique, essential part of urban life.


CONCORD Saratoga

As the sporting pedigree celebrates the 150th Anniversary of its namesake Saratoga Race Course, Concord is proud to present Saratoga collection.

C1 Chronograph

CONCORD C1 Chronograph

More than half a decade after the revolution created by the birth of its unique predecessor, the C1 Chronograph, Concord unveils a brilliantly refined evolution of that iconic design that is sleekly in line with the times.

C2- GraffitiGrey Circuit

The C2 GraffitiGrey Circuit challenged a number of kings – real urban graffiti artists – from Paris, Milan and London to come up with their own creative and personal interpretations of the C2 GraffitiGrey, dressing up heaven spots in the urban world.

Black Spider

C Lab Series BlackSpider Brilliant

The C1 BlackSpider Brilliant reveals a dramatic mutation with dazzling diamond brilliance adorning its horological arachnid body parts.